About how many square miles of territory does france control


The number of square miles did France control in 1914?

The amount of square miles of territory does France regulate? It is 4,000,000.

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Which country has the biggest colonial realm?


What 2 countries had the biggest colonial realms in Africa?

The French had the biggest colonial empire in Africa, over 3 1⁄ & frasl; 2 million square miles, half of which had the Sahara Desert. In 1830, France had actually conquered Algeria in North Africa. Between 1881 as well as 1912, France obtained Tunisia, Morocco, West Africa, and also Equatorial Africa.

Which two European powers acquired the most area in Africa?

Portugal broadened its control over Angola and also Mozambique, Belgium took over the huge Congo area, and also Germany acquired new nests in southerly Africa. Britain and France, the huge champions, gained brand-new region in West Africa, and Britain developed a network of swarms in East Africa running from South Africa to Egypt.

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What area did New France cover?

New France, as this land was as soon as called, contained 5 nests that covered a large swath of North America, extending from Hudson Bay in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south.

Does France still have colonies?

France has been holding the national reserves of fourteen african nations given that 1961: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Cream Color Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Who ruled the globe the longest?

The Mongol Empire

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Which realm is strongest?

Empires at their best extent

Maximum land area
Million km2
% of world
British Realm
Mongol Empire
Russian Realm

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What was the biggest realm in history?

The Mongol Realm

What nation held the biggest nests in Africa?

One of the most essential holdings were Angola as well as Mozambique, held by Portugal; the Cape Nest, held by the UK; as well as Algeria, held by France.

Why was Africa colonized so late?

Africans quite frankly had the devices to quit Europeans from taking control of Africa until the late 1800’& rsquo; s. The reason is merely due to the fact that Africans resisted versus colonization and also Europeans did not have the devices to defeat significant african militaries as well as navies until the late 1800’& rsquo

; s. Did Africa ever before invade Europe?

Africans were never ever “& ldquo; in power & rdquo; the way you put it, they never ever had enough power to colonize Europe. ‘& lsquo; Moors & rsquo; attacked and inhabited southerly spain for a pro-longed amount of time, they were muslims from north africa.

What are 3 factors for emigration?

Chroniclers usually acknowledge 3 intentions for European exploration and emigration in the New World: God, gold, and also splendor.

What were three effects of European imperialism on Africa?

3 impacts that European expansionism had on Africa consisted of a much more structured political system with an organized federal government, the advancement of industrial technology and also the suggestion of nationalism, which caused wars and transformations later on.

Why did Europe want to colonize Africa there are 2 factors?

The factors for African colonisation were primarily financial, political and also religious. These nations ended up being involved in a race to get more territory on the African continent, however this race was open to all European nations. Britain had had some success in stopping the slave labor around the shores of Africa.

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