What continent is france in

What continent is france in

What continent as well as areas is France found in?


Is France in Asia or Europe?

France is located on the western side of Europe, surrounded by the Bay of Biscay (North Atlantic Sea) in the west, by the English Channel in the northwest, and also by the North Sea in the north.

Is France a continent or not?

France, New Zealand, China, Egypt and also Mexico are all nations. They are not continents. France is a nation located in mainland Europe, China lies in Asia, Egypt lies in Africa, Mexico lies in North America and also New Zealand is located in Oceania.

When did France come to be a nation?

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What is the funding city of France?


Which is the most beautiful nation in Europe?

Greece. Italy. Germany. Austria. Iceland. Hungary. Croatia. Norway. Norway is renowned for its arms –– the deep, tough inlets that offer stunning views for those seeing the nation by boat.

What divides Asia from Africa?

Isthmus of Suez

How old is Germany?

The German Empire was established on January 18, 1871, in the aftermath of 3 effective wars by the North German state of Prussia.

What is the tiniest continent?


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How many states remain in France?


Which continent has no country?


Just how old is France?

The oldest traces of human life in what is currently France date from about 1.8 million years back.

Is France a free nation?

Freedom, equality, society —– the slogan of the French Republic —– has actually never had extra definition. France is a free country and an independent nation. It is pluralistic as well as strong in its variety. That is the France that was struck on 13 November.

Who discovered France?

The middle ages Kingdom of France arised from the western component of Charlemagne’& rsquo; s Carolingian Realm, called West Francia, as well as attained increasing prominence under the policy of the House of Capet, founded by Hugh Capet in 987.

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