Why is france called the hexagon

Which European country is nicknamed the hexagon?

France – country in Western Europe with several overseas regions and territories. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. From its shape, it is often referred to in French as l’Hexagone (“The Hexagon”).

Is France shaped like a hexagon?

France is shaped like a hexagon . It shares land borders with 6 countries, which is why the French are used to meeting their European neighbours. France is said to be the most Latin country of northern Europe and the most Nordic country of Southern Europe. France’s south coast is by the warm Mediterranean Sea.

What is France also known as?

The country has a different name in other languages: Frankreich in German, Frankrijk in Dutch, Francia in Italian and Spanish, and França in Portuguese. The official name of the country is ‘ French Republic’ (République française).

Is France a pentagon and hexagon?

Unlike the Pentagon , whose five-sided shape was determined by the architect because of the topography of existing roads on the original build site, the hexagon is a visual symbol of France’s hexagonal -shaped geography, which long ago earned it the nickname the Hexagon (“L’Hexagone”).

What does France Metropolitaine mean?

INSEE refers to metropolitan France and the five overseas departments as la France entière (“the whole of France “). “The whole of France ” includes the five overseas departments, but does not include the other overseas collectivities and territories that have more autonomy than the departments.

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What’s the shape of France?


Where do the words pentagon and hexagon come from?

The common name for most polygons is the Greek prefix for “sides” attached to the Greek word for corner (gon). Examples of this for five and six-sided regular polygons are : Penta (Greek meaning five) + gon = pentagon . Hexa (Greek meaning six) + gon = hexagon .

What sea is France surrounded by?

Mediterranean Sea

What are the bordering seas and oceans of France?

France is a country located on the western edge of Europe, bordered by the Bay of Biscay (North Atlantic Ocean) in the west, by the English Channel in the northwest, by the North Sea in the north.

What is a nickname for Paris?

Paris is often referred to as the ‘City of Light’ (La Ville Lumière), both because of its leading role during the Age of Enlightenment and more literally because Paris was one of the first large European cities to use gas street lighting on a grand scale on its boulevards and monuments.

What is another name for France?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for france , like: French nation, La France , gaul, fifth republic, la Patrie, (all French ), Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault, french -republic, La belle France , French people and anatole france .

What was France called before?


How many seas border France?

Roughly hexagonal in shape, it is bordered by three different bodies of water (the Atlantic Ocean , the English Channel, and the Mediterranean) and three mountain chains (the Pyrenees to the south and the Jura and Alps to the east and southeast, respectively).

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