Carp fishing in france

Where are carp fish in France?

Eden’s Lakes is the perfect place to enjoy Carp Fishing in France . If you’re crazy about carp and looking for big fish then you’ll find them here! Our lakes will soon be your favourite place to visit for your fishing holidays.

What do I need for carp fishing in France?

Carp Fishing in France – What To Take Carp rods x 4 (includes 1 spare). Marker rod. Spod rod. Spods / Spombs. Reels x 6. Bite alarms x 4 (includes 1 spare). Receiver box. Spare batteries for alarms and receiver box.

Do I need a Licence to fish in France?

In France a fishing permit – as well as a fishing licence – for sea fishing is not required. For fishing in public waters held by the French fishing association FNPF you do not need an additional fishing permit . If you want to fish in a private fishery a fishing permit from the landowner is required.

What month do carp spawn in France?

Spawning time is purely a matter of water temperature and mostly late May or June is the spawning period in France.

Where are carp fish in Belgium?

Carp Lakes in Belgium 1.1 Blues Lake. 1.2 Cavagnac Lake. 1.3 De Karper Hoeve .

Where is DreamLakes in France?


What size hooks for carp in France?

Carp Rigs For French Carp Fishing Many of the lakes in France contain carp that on average are much larger than here in the UK and your rigs and tackle must be adjusted to deal with this. Many of the carp are well over 30 lbs and have much larger mouths due to their size , based on this I always use a size 2 or 4 hook .

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Do people fish in France?

In total there are about 83 species of fish that can be caught in France’s freshwater. The coast of France is very well known for fishing and the type of fish are classified into two main groups, cartilaginous fish (chondrichthyans) and bony fish (Osteichthyes).

Can you fish in France?

France is one of the world’s greatest fishing destinations and it’s not surprising when you see the variety of fishing experiences you can go for: from sea to ocean and from rivers to lakes.

What fish are in the Dordogne River?

Home to grayling , pike , salmon , trout , shad and zander (although fishing for salmon is prohibited), the river is particularly good for fly fishing. It’s important to note that a permit is required to fish on the Dordogne unless you book through a private company whereby licenses are usually included.

What months do fish spawn?

Female fish lay eggs, with the eggs being fertilized by the males in close attendance. Eggs develop more rapidly (in a few weeks) in warmer temperatures, and more slowly in colder water (up to months ). Most freshwater fish spawn in the spring, although salmon, char, and some trout spawn in the fall.

What months do carp spawn?

Carp generally spawn in April through August depending upon the climate. They have a highly effective reproductive system. A 4kg fish could produce up to 1 million eggs, 90% of these are fertilised and more than 80% hatch.

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